Mathematics 151 Elementary Statistics

Fall 2003

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Taught by: Professor Arnold Shilepsky, Macmillan 106, 364-3262,

Text: The Basic Practice of Statistics by Davis S. Moore (second edition)

Scope of the Course The objective of this course is to learn ways information can be derived from data. The focus will be on:

We will cover most of Chapters 1-4 and 6-7 in the text. You will also learn to use SPSS, a powerful statistics package, to help with some basic statistical applications.

Homework: You will do regular assignments, which will be collected. You should be prepared to ask questions and discuss the homework, and hand it in on time. If you have an excuse for handing in homework late, explain it to me at the time so you may receive full credit. Very late homework will not be graded. I encourage you to work with others on the homework.

Attendance: It is important that you attend class. If you must miss a class, hand in your homework as soon as possible. You should find out what you missed as soon as possible so you do not fall behind.

Getting Help: A teaching assistant/grader will have regular hours in the Math Clinic. I am available to answer questions at my regular office hours as well as other times. You may also email me questions or concerns.

Important Dates:
  September 16 Quiz 1
  October 2 Exam 1
  October 30 Quiz 2
  November 13 Exam 2
  December 4 Quiz 3
  December 17 Final Exam

  Homework/class/etc. 20%
  Quizzes 20%
  Exams 40%
  Final 20%