X. J. Kennedy has a delightful book of poems called Brats that Julia knows almost by heart. Gnats are a smaller version that we hope captures some of X.J.'s spirit.

Grampa Sandy, 7/07
Grampa slathered suntan lotion,
Headed briskly towards the ocean.
Sharks, jellyfish gathered round,
Circled him without a sound.
Soon he's running from the sea,
Screaming, yelling "they got me!"

Waterskiing 6/08
Julia who was skiing with pride
Hadn't thought to check the tide.
Up she poppped and then a thud
Juila stuck herself in mud.

Ralph, 6/08
Ralph, with a soccer ball
Had no coordination at all.
Tried to kick and made a thud,
My, there was a lot of blood.