Carey, Patrick Creating Web Pages with HTML (Comprehensive Edition) (my comments).
Krug, Steve, Don't Make Me Think (my comments)
Lynch and Horton, Web Style Guide

On-line and reserve readings assigned per class schedule.

  1:45-3:00: Composition (how to develop material for the web)
  3:00-3:15: Tea
  3:15-4:20: HTML (how to build your pages)

Important Dates:
  Midterm: 3/12
  Project presentations: 5/14
  Project documentation: 5/17
  Final exam: 5/21 at 9:00

Writing: The world judges you by what you write. This includes emails. Everything you submit for this course should be grammatically correct, with no spelling errors. I will ask for resubmissions as needed.

  Class: 20% Weekly assignments and class participation. You may miss one class. I will deduct 1% for each other class missed.
Personal page: 10% How effectively your page reflects what you have learned in this course. This includes your project documentation.
  Midterm exam: 20%  
  Final exam: 20%  
  Project: 30% Your final site and a presentation during the last class.

Project: Your major work is to construct a complete site. You must be interested in the area and it must be substantial enough to require more than one page (guidelines).

Your personal page: This will evolve during the semester (guidelines).