Course Overview
Objective: This course introduces the practical and theoretical aspects of ordinary differential equations. In particular, students will

Prerequisite: Math 112.

Text: A First Course in Differential Equations, 9th Edition, Dennis G. Zill, ISBN-10: 0495108243 or ISBN-13: 9780495108245 Electronic edition

"Authors of books live with the hope that someone actually reads them." (Preface)

Zill's suggestions:

What you need to know from Calculus 1 and 2

Homework: I will assign homework each class to be submitted at the next class. It will be important to work with the ideas of the current section before the next class.

Help: I am happy to answer emails and/or see you any time I am in my office. The TA for the course is Yao Yao. Her hours are posted on aurora and outside the Math Clinic (Mac 120). I also encourage you to work together, but make sure that you understand the work you submit.

  Homework 20%
  Exam 1 (2/23) 20%
  Exam 2 (4/3) 20%
  Exam 3 (5/1) 20%
  Final Exam (5/13, 9 AM) 20%