Honor code
Carol C. Shilepsky
Wells College, Aurora, NY

I am committed to upholding the Wells College Honor Code which states that "students are under community obligation and pledge not to lie, cheat, steal, deceive, or conceal in the conduct of their collegiate life."

I consider the following to be violations that require referral to Community Court.
  1. Using resources (people or written) to help write programming assignments without acknowledging them in your program header.

  2. Using code you have obtained from other sources in your programming assignments without understanding it.

  3. Pasting text or graphics from a web page into material you submit without acknowledging it.

  4. Referring to web resources during an exam without explicit permission.

  5. Copying the HTML source of an assignment written by another person.

  6. Awareness that someone in the class is not following the honor code without asking him/her to report to Court.
If Community Court finds you responsible for an honor violation in one of my classes, you will fail the course.