Course Overview
Taught by: Professor Carol Shilepsky, Macmillan 104, 364-3214,

Artificial Intelligence (AI): the branch of computer science that is concerned with automating intelligent behaviour. Ah, but what is intelligence and does its definition remain constant?

Objective: We will learn techniques for representing knowledge/intelligence and for exploiting these representations, emphasizing the collection of problems and methodologies currently considered AI.

Text: Artificial Intelligence: structures and strategies for complex problem solving by George Lugar, Addison Wesley, 5th edition, 2005, ISBN 0-321-26318-9. This is very dense and there is much more material than fits into a semester, but it gives the flavor of the field and surveys the important areas well. We will cover chapters 1-5, 9, and selections from others. I recommend that you take notes on the assigned sections. Each chapter starts with a (sometimes obscure) quote: I challenge you to interpret them.

Working definition of AI: AI is the collection of problems and methodologies studied by artificial intelligence researchers.

Language: PROLOG.

Grading: This following will each count 25%:
Homework and class participation
Exam 1: 10/4 (Friday)
Exam 2: 11/ 17 (Friday)
Final exam: 12/11 (9-12 am)