Course Overview
Objective: To understand and appreciate the principles of database design and implementation. Design translates user requirements into a database model. The model is implemented via a database management system (DBMS), a collection of interrelated data and a set of programs to access those data.

Prerequisite: CS 132 or CS 131 and permission.

Text: Database System Concepts, fifth edition, by Silbershatz, Korth and Sudarshan. Errata .

Homework and quizes: There will be a short quiz each Monday on readings and assignments from the text. I will not give makeups, but will drop the lowest two quizes. I will not accept homework after the due date.

Project : The project will be an opportunity to apply the concepts of the course to an area of interest to you.

  Homework and Quizes: 20%
  Exam 1 (2/27) 20%
  Exam 2 (4/?) 20%
  Project: 20%
  Final Exam (5/15 7pm or 5/13 9 am): 20%