Course Overview

Taught by: Professor Carol Shilepsky, Macmillan 104, 364-3214,

Objective: Continue to learn to use abstraction as a way to solve problems. Last semester we used control structures, data structures, and functions as organizational aids. This semester we will be carrying this further with 1) new data structures, 2) the object-oriented approach to program organization, and 3) a greater emphasis on software engineering.

Software Engineering: A disciplined approach to the design, production, and maintenance of computer programs that are developed on time and within cost estimates, using tools that help to manage the size and complexity of the resulting software products.

Text: Data Structures in C++ by D.S. Malik, ISBN 0-619-15907-3.

Programs: As with last semester, a very important part of this course will be developing programs. Assignments are based on the ideas presented in lecture. Therefore, make sure that you understand your classnotes before going to the computer. Again, no late programs: email something before the class at which it is due.

Homework:  I will assign, but not collect, exercises from the text. Some of these will appear on the exams.

Project:  You may replace the final exam with a project.

Important dates:
Exam 1 3/14 (Friday)
Exam 2: 5/5 (Monday)
Project presentations (if applicable): 5/7 & 5/9
Final exam 5/13 (Tuesday), 7 pm

Grading: The programs, exams, and final (or project) are each worth 25%.