Taught by: Professor Carol Shilepsky, Macmillan 104, 364-3214, cshilepsky@wells.edu.

Objective: To learn to solve problems and implement the solutions in the C++ programming language using methods that lead to correct, usable, readable, and modifiable programs.

Prerequisite: None.

Text: Using C++, Hennefeld, Baker, and Burchard, Brooks/Cole Publishers, 2003.

Important dates:
Article 1 Sep 17 (Wed)
Exam 1: Oct 6 (Mon)
Article 2: Oct 22 (Wed)
Exam 2: Nov 24 (Mon)
Book Report: Dec 10 (Wed)
Final Exam: Dec 15 (9 am Mon)

Grading: The programs are worth 30%, each exam is worth 20%. The remaining 10% covers the homework, article summaries, and a book report.

The article summaries are one page and should include 1) a synopsis of and 2) your reactions to an article of your choice related to computers. There are several good books of articles on the bibliography. If your article is not in Long Library or from one of the books in my office, include a copy with your report. Please submit via an email attachment.

The book report is a similar 2-3 page synopsis and critique of one of the books on the bibliography. You are welcome to substitute a different book. Please submit via an email attachment.

Comments on learning strategies: Please work with each other, talk with each other, read each other's code, and debug each other's programs. Describing a problem or an idea to another person is very useful, and the person doing the helping often gets the most out of such exchanges. However, remember that the work you hand in must be your own. If someone shows you how to do something, good--but you are responsible for crediting the helper, understanding why it works, and submitting your own work.

Compiler: We are using the freeware compiler DevC++. You can download it from the here or from Bloodshed. If you download from Bloodshed, select source code.You may also run C++ in any of the Wells PC labs by selecting the DevC++ icon.

Help: Dayton Arey, Michael Bailey, Neale Petrillo, Stephanie Redmond, Thomas Tharp, and Yao Yao in Mac 106a (schedule)
Me: any time I am in Macmillan and via email.