Carol C. Shilepsky
Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science
Wells College, Aurora, NY 13026


Contact information
Retired as of 2010.
1691 Back Creek Rd.
Charleston, SC 29412
(843)975 5549

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Right or left brain?
XKCD: Need a random number? regular expression? life? a map of the Internet?
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I no longer maintain these pages but am happy to have them used as a resource if helpful.
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Math 213:   Differential Equations
CS 325:     Database Systems
MPS 402:  MPS Senior Seminar
CS 131:     Computer Programming I
CS 132:    Computer Programming II
Math 305:  Operations Research
CS 310:    Software Engineering
CS 325:     Database Systems
CS 330:     Internet Architecture and Programming
CS 385:     Artificial Intelligence
Math 213:   Differential Equations
WLLS 102:  Writing for WWW
MPS thesis proposals
MPS final presentations and papers
Math Clinic
Software Assistance Center Science Colloquium
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